Friday, March 19, 2010

Sea Horses Fabric

Thinking about seahorses today. Mostly because my QuiltMav friend Linda M. Poole has a fabulous new fabric line out with Avyln Fabrics.
Go check it out and see what I mean, it really is a beautifully thought-out fabric line. I'm going to request that my local quilt store carry it! I bet it would sell really well, since we are so near to the ocean and all.
I don't usually buy collections anymore, but this one is really special, has seahorses (which I love), lots of swirly details, and in those jewel toned colors that I really love to work with. hmmm, maybe there is a niece that would like a seahorse quilt?
These are all seahorse pictures that I took at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our recent trip. Look at the camouflage on this one, amazing how they blend in with the coral.
I think that Linda has captured what is so special about seahorses, not in a technically perfect, photographic reproduction sort of way, but in a much more expressive, creative way that really sums them up for me. Their strange yet compelling anatomy with those spiraling curves and unusual details are really conveyed in a pleasing way in her fabric designs..
And then there are the leafy sea dragons, another amazing creature to get to know about. I love the shadow in this picture.

How would you like to have frilly eyelash thingies like this guy?
A list of reasons why I like leafy sea dragons.
  • Dragons, duh!
  • They look like plants
  • Love their colors.


Jaye said...

Fabulous photos! I love the top one, especially the curly tail. Not sure if I would want those eyelashes. It would make it hard to blink wearing glasses.

Linda M. Poole said...

You're the best and thank you for posting a link to my new fabric line. Your seahorse pics are fabulous!