Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ships in San Diego

Here are some pictures from along the San Diego downtown waterfront at sunset. The way the San Diego bay is set up there is whole lot of waterfront of course, a lot of it is taken up by the military and commercial shipyards, but the parts you can get to are really scenic and beautiful. This area had a lot of restaurants, pedicabs and joggers.
There were several sculptures along the edge, I really liked this wire tree.

We decided to go into the Maritime Museum to check out all the cool ships on display. I wasn't honestly too excited about it, as ships aren't really my thing, but this turned out to be worthwhile. This is a shot out the window of the HMS Surprise, the ship used in the movie Master & Commander (with Russell Crowe).

Here is the Surprise's figurehead, she has a great expression on her face.
There were two submarines to go in, one from the Soviet Union and a US deep diving research sub. I only went in the Soviet one, because the oil/chemical smell just made me ill. I don't know how submariners do it?! Guess they must get used to it after a while. It was kind of amazing to see the small space that the sailors have to live in.
My favorite ship was a Scottish steam yacht, the Medea, from 1904, here is her figurehead.
They had the inside rooms all set up in the period the ship originally sailed.
The deck was just beautiful, the woodwork so exacting and perfect. We could imagine how it must have looked "back in the day" out on the waterways of Scotland.

I just loved the sitting room, so elegant and fancy.

I had to take this picture because the big ship is named Berkeley (Go Bears!), they had a museum on that ship with displays from the US Navy and commercial tuna fishing and lots of other stuff too.
This is the Star of India, which was unfortunately closed because they were moving it the very next day at 7am. It had been there for years, but I guess it has to go to dry dock to have upkeep and repairs done on it. Too bad, it looked like a really neat ship, we were bummed to miss out on seeing it.
The figurehead of the Star of India. I couldn't get a shot without the lines in her face unfortunately.
This is how the ships are tied up. I really like the sunset light on the water in this picture.

I just love ladders and this one with the colors of the ship make a great composition. This may just become a quilt design...

All the rigging of the Star of India against the sunset sky .
Still more San Diego pictures to come...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What a wonderful trip around the harbor! I can smell the ocean and feel the breeze----I so miss California! I think I was born to live THERE instead of HERE.....
The one figurehead was absolutely amazing; so much beauty that used to go into everything. Art was part of work.....when did this stop? (rhetorical question....)
Thanks for posting these!

Margaret Ball said...

Great pics Julie! I'm forwarding this post to Steve, who really liked the film of Master and Commander. Maybe he'll take me to San Diego to see the Maritime Museum. (Oh, to be out of Texas, now that August's here [with apologies to Robert Browning])

Jaye said...

I definitely think that the ladder picture would be a great composition! Once I fooled around with a fairly ordinary picture in Photoshop Elements using filters and came up with some really interesting effects.