Monday, August 31, 2009

Monkey Shirt Made

I did finally get around to working on the shirt that I got screen-printed at the Maker Faire. First, I did some machine embroidery stitching around the pocket in black rayon thread. The rest is all the stretchy,elasticy, black cording that I snagged at the Maker Faire. I just couched it down around the sleeves and on the front and back of the shirt.
I may still change the buttons to black ones.
I didn't mark anything, just thought about the design I wanted to end up with.
It was pretty easy to do, but in retrospect I wish I'd used something else instead of this elastic-y stuff. It kind of screws up the shirt from ever lying flat (or is that laying?!...), especially along the button placket in the front. I ironed it and starched the hell out of it and that helped a bit. I'm tempted to take it all off and try something else, but I know I probably won't.
But, the first day that I wore it I got several comments from people asking me where I'd gotten my shirt, and how they wanted one just like it. So, I'm on the right track, just need to work on the execution and materials choices a bit more.

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