Sunday, August 30, 2009

Convenience Store Quilting

One of the things I worked on while we were away on our vacation was more adding some more stitching to the Simpson's/7-11/Slurpee/Laura Wasilowski quilt that I started way back when. I've got almost all the foreground done, and a bit of the background. Not sure how the actual shapes will be stitched, I may resort to machine stitching those with a satin stitch
I really like how the hand stitching is looking, but it sure is taking me a very looooong time. And it turns out to be pretty challenging to thread a needle with Perle Cotton while in a moving car...Well maybe if the Giants end up in the Series I'll finally get this quilted. Hey! It could happen.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I've used the random seed stitch on pieces and even though it is time consuming, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, simple, and effective stitches you can put on fiber art.
I absolutely LOVE this piece!!!
And yes, I vote for a satin stitch too---I think you's be happy with the results.

Jaye said...

I really like the background stitching you are doing. I think it adds a lot to the piece. Funny that you would be working on this in the car. I worked on my Pamela piece from April in the car on my recent trip to SoCal!

I think satin stitching would work very well on the food shapes. It would distinguish them from the rest of the piece. Have you looked at an embroidery stitch book to see if there might be some stitches that would work on this piece if you decide not to satin stitch?