Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Golden Party

We just returned home from a Southern California vacation which all came about because we were invited to a 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary party for some long time and close family friends. They live in a small town south of San Luis Obispo and held the party at their really amazing house on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. This is the view out of the dining room. And a close-up of the very yummy cake. It was a chocolate cake with a port wine filling, the sides were slabs of white chocolate. Most Definitely not a CakeWreck!

The view as the sun goes down off the patio, we ate a many course meal that the anniversary couple's friends and relatives prepared and served, all paired with wines from their winery. It was a really amazing feast and hard to pick just one favorite dish!
The sunset view from the top of the hill as the fog rolls in.
The garden around their house was fun to look around in, they can grow so many plants that I can't as they don't get hard frosts as I normally do. So of course I had to take some pictures..
Oh So Blue!

Looks a little alien-ish, but I so love the color combination here.
This might be my favorite garden sculpture ever!
Here are my dear husband Marc and I walking the garden and checking out the wine grapes. We really enjoyed ourselves at the party, and took great joy in participating in this celebration of fifty married years together for two very dear people. I told them they were a great example to us on how to get to the Golden Anniversary mark which we think would be a fabulous thing to achieve.

The magic hour of sunset really does make for great photos. Here are Zach (taking a photo) and Alex in the garden.
Tune in tomorrow for San Diego pictures! And then I'll get back to some fibery goodness after this summer hiatus...

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Julie, it looks like you visited HEAVEN!!! I am thinking, the older I get, that I could live in California again. Lived there I miss the views and the plants and just the different EVERYTHING!
At least I get to peek at it through your blog.
Thank you!!!