Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time Wasters rUs

Besides the usual time wasters of Twitter and Facebook, here's some of what I am doing on the web instead of what I'm supposed to be doing(besides reading all the blogs on my blog list)
We used to laugh when our kids would be out on the soccer field looking around and spacing out instead of paying attention by saying they were "chasing butterflies". This is my version of that!

Ogling the Mmmmounds of various things (or people).

Checking out Image Bookmarking at FFFFOUND. Collections of web images, very interesting way of looking at images.

Being amused and sometimes saddened by Your Everyday Life Stories at FMyLife

Marveling at the first ever photo of the Hubble Space Telescope AND the Space Shuttle transiting the sun. Mind-Boggling!!

Reading some of the best political commentary and genuinely awesome rants ever at Hullaballo

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Karoda said...

I'm not giving myself permission to click on the links...its 11pm here. :)