Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doorways & Passages

Back into doing some collage in the Board Book Round Robin. Board books are fun to do altered book collage in, there isn't as much of a worry with buckling of the page. This book's theme is Doorways and Passages. This is how the two page spread I did looks. Sorry for the confusing background, photographer error. I started with the background magazine ad image of braided yarns (it was from a Target sweater ad of all things), I just loved the texture and depth in the image.

Closeup of the lefthand page. The handmade paper is so lovely to work with. This one has multiple colors of threads embedded in it, so when it is torn they stick out in unexpected, but texturally interesting ways.
A closeup, this is a catalog picture of a favorite print that I almost have bought many times, the words were written with calligraphic pen and ink "Behind every doorway lies" "Miracles and Mysteries." A truism yes, but still a bit of an inspiration or reminder to open those doors to SEE what is actually behind them. Instead of relying only upon ones assumptions.

Here is a view of what is behind the door.

I love how this looks in this picture, so 3D!

My sign-in paper was meant to be a doorway done in watercolor crayon.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Really cool----love doors. Don't know why but they do appeal to me.