Saturday, May 30, 2009

Through The Curtain

Here is what I made with the Bag-o-Stuff aka Baggo that I received. A gallon bag of quite an assortment of very lively happy colorful fabrics. Mostly cotton prints, some velveteen, a piece of flannel, satiny stuff an African gold stamped print. I don't know whose this is yet, as no one has claimed it at the time I'm writing this. If no one does, I may just keep it, because I like what I came up with.

The first thing I cut into was the African fabric, and I cut around the motifs it reminded me of a curtain swag, so that got stuck up at the top of the design and I was off.

Included in the bag was a rayon or maybe some synthetic teal fabric with fusible diamond shapes on the back. So I cut those out and made a few more to add into the design. I sewed around them with metallic thread.
The velveteen got cut up into decreasingly smaller rectangles, these also got a diamond on top.

The central image is a small square of flannel backed with a bit of the purple satin. I think it looks like a boat or a flag. Here you can see some of the free motion quilting I did, airy swirls in the "sky, and watery wave curls in the "water".

Here's how the whole thing looks.

For some reason I don't recall now, I randomly started piecing the back together which I never do! But it was fun to use the fabrics that hadn't made it onto the front. Also you will note the "frame look" around the edge of the back, it is the facing which was completely and totally successful and easy thanks to Jaye's instructions, thanks for explaining this technique so clearly Jaye.

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jovaliquilts said...

I like it, both the back and the front! It's such a wonderful way to make a quilt -- just go with the flow.