Monday, May 18, 2009

Corpus Continued

Here is my latest finished piece, Corpus 3, which is the third in my Corpus series. You can see Corpus 2 here,. I had to get off my duff and actually start and finish the quilting on it so I could enter it in the Santa Cruz Art League annual fiber art exhibit. Hope it gets in!

The name of the series came from me listening to all the talk about artists needing to have a "body of work" and I've always loved the Latin word for body: CORPUS .

This series of work is all made with a tightly woven, smooth surfaced, recycled cotton/lycra which is discharged with various bleach agents, sometimes straight bleach, or dishwasher gel, or even bleach pens.
The fabric came in a gigantic bag from a local clothing manufacturer. I saw their operation and they would have 10 layers of fabric stacked up, and cut out through all the layers for a pair of pants with these amazing industrial cutters. Instead of throwing away the excess they thought to recycle it. I use it as is, whatever shapes it is in when I take it out of the box, I sew the ten or so matching pieces together.
This makes for a lot of lumps and bumps and long bits, but that is a big part of what I'm going for in this series. As I deal with the increasing number of lumps taking over my very own Corpus, I'm trying to communicate how that feels and seems from the inside. Which is mainly not good. Which is why this work looks so uneasy and intense. At least that is how it looks to me.

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