Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baggo Cornucopia

I just received a great quilt in the mail from my Fiber Pirate friend Marie. She got my bag-o-stuff or Baggo in our recent swap and had to try and make something out of the crazy assortment that I had stuffed in there.

I think she did an amazing job, and I'm really looking forward to hanging this quilt up during my favorite season of the year, which is obviously, fall.

I love the wheat stalks and leaves shape. And look at how she used the hand-dyed fabrics for the pumpkin.
The details she added are really great, using the fuzzy eyelash yarn, and some leaves after the quilting was done.
And look at this amazing quilt label on the back. That's all machine embroidered, isn't it fancy?!

Thanks so much Marie!

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Jan said...

Beautiful! Great Pirate booty!