Monday, April 27, 2009

Time for AV Club

To continue with my Neil Gaiman admiration and appreciation (some say stalk-er-y) AV club here are two gems, one audio only, one audio + video.

If you like grail stories and would love to have the author read a really different kind of grail story to you (it is about 30 minutes long) then do give a listen to Chivalry written and read by Neil Gaiman. I think listening to an author read the story they've written is a different experience than hearing an actor perform it. There is an authentic quality that comes through that an actor just can't produce.

I'm on the hunt for this book to give my brother and sister-in-law as they've just brought a beautiful new baby girl into the world. I love being an auntie once again. I think this book is a lovely welcoming prayer and blessing that would be great to read over and over.


connie said...


Weather is confusing here in So. CA. A couple of days ago it was 55, then 100, and now back to reasonable!

My Give Away, if I haven't told you already:

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Laume said...

I'm on a total Gaiman love fest myself. Just finished The Graveyard Book and I can hardly wait for my grandkids to be big enough so I can read it to them. I borrowed it from ILL but now I must get my own copy. I also bought Blueberry Girl, got the last copy at Powell's and they commented that it had flown off the shelves almost instantaneously. I've tried to read it out loud to myself, and to hubby, and end up stopping to choke and tear up about every other page. Thanks for the heads up on the Chivalry audio. Did you know you can listen to him read The Graveyard book online as well?