Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snow Lilac

Just a couple weeks ago I was bundled up and walking around in the snow at Lake Tahoe. And now I'm wearing shorts and tank tops and complaining about how hot it is already this year. So I thought I'd dive into the hundreds of photos I took there, to "cool off". Looking at pictures of snow is somehow psychologically cooling. Another reminder of how strong our minds truly are.Whenever we go on a car trip I bring a piece of something from my garden to put on the dashboard. Usually rosemary since it is next to the driveway. Having the greenery and scent of home is a way to stay connected when we're out exploring. This time it was one of the zillions of lilac blooms. I could only bring one because of the powerful scent, it would have being too much. After being in the car for a few days, it looked ready for a little snow. So I left it as an offering near Fallen Leaf Lake.

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