Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Old Dock

As I'm still on the hunt for my camera (come out come out wherever you are darling) I thought I'd share a few more vacation photos from Lake Tahoe.
The first view I had of Lake Tahoe up close was at early sunset. It was a fairly clear sky, and warm outside. There weren't many people or boats out and about, just ducks and the Tahoe Queen. I was instantly drawn to this image of the old dock footings going out in a line off into the lake. They looked so otherworldly.

But the ship is interesting too, especially with this beautiful reflection. And the sky began to turn color, also changing the water color of course.

Finally I laid down right there on the dock, set my camera vertically on the edge, and got the ship out of my view. That was what I was trying to capture.
This illusion that there is something just underneath, just out of view.
Or stepping stones one could jump from one to another to cross to the mountains on the horizon. Maybe it is the left-behind, defunct marker of where humankind has made our mark on the timelessness of this vista.
But I think it is the ever-present reminder as one goes around Lake Tahoe of what has been forever lost. ie the water. So much of it is just plain gone. Countless docks jut out of the water many many feet above the surface. It is a sad picture to me because of this irretrievable loss.

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jovaliquilts said...

I love the color in that second photo -- so soft. I know what you mean about irretrievable loss; we despoil beautiful things because we want to be so near their beauty.