Sunday, April 05, 2009

Luckily, Unluckily

Luckily, he wasn't on the freeway when the front axle broke.
Unluckily, he was on an almost blind corner on a rural road with no cellphone reception and no flares because he gave them to someone who needed them a few weeks ago.

Luckily, some passers-by 1) Didn't rear-end him in the dark, 2) Had Flares to Put Out , and 3)Had a cellphone that worked.
Unluckily, the tow truck took more than a half hour to arrive after I phoned it in.

Luckily, the nice police officer didn't give him a ticket for not having his registration tags on his license plate quite yet.
Unluckily, the place the officer parked blocked the road so many many people had to wait for the tow truck to finish.

Luckily there was somewhere to pull off and park while I waited for all the drama to be over.
Unluckily when I dashed out the door to go to the rescue, I didn't bring a warm enough coat so I had to stay in the car.

Luckily, the car eventually came off the tow truck even though it was hung up on the broken axle which was hanging down.
Unluckily, the car mechanic says to scrap it and get another one (he's been saying this for several years now.).

Luckily my car is very close to paid off now.
Unluckily, now we have to go car shopping again...


joanna said...

Ohmigosh, Julie! Well I am grateful everyone is safe and sound. Whew.

CPDB Librarian said...

!!!! I am so glad:
1. you can see the bright sides of this conversation.
2. everyone is ok.
3. there are still helpful people in the world
4. this is a good teachable moment for the boys
5. you have had your drama for the year, ok?


CPDB Librarian said...

CPDBLibrarian = Jaye

(my alter ego)