Saturday, April 04, 2009

Singing Sirens of Seaweed

I was at Natural Bridges beach last weekend, just for a short, windy, and kind of cold after a while visit with all the visiting priestesses of the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch. And from way way way across the beach these seaweed covered cliff rocks called to me. I was pulled to them without a word, holding only my camera as if in some kind of trance.
I had to take some pictures, even though I could not of course see the picture on the back of the digital camera in the very bright afternoon sun. I tried to not get to close up and to listen for the focusing sound of the lens going in and out. It seemed to work pretty well, as I got some fairly in-focus, clear photos, a bit glare-y, but that is what happens at 2pm at the beach.

Don't you love how mossy this looks? And how smooth and curvily sensuous the rocks are?

I don't know anything about seaweed, but I do know what I like to look at. If, and I'm just saying IF I were a seaweed monster I would want to be comprised of this stuff. I think it would be a real Cousin It effect. But smelly and wet of course.

This one gets rearranged every time a wave comes in and goes out. Those yellowy danglers move around quite a bit. Like party decorations moving in the wind.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The photos are stunning; I wish I could have been there because the weather conditions you described reminded me of when we lived in San Francisco when I was little. It could be so beautiful but sooooo cold and damp!
I also checked out the sisterhood page and that is quite interesting. Have you done it, yes? if so, what were/are your thoughts?
I will keep it in mind in the future. Right now I have this stinking real-world situation to heal.

Deb said...

My sea history is off the coast of Cape Cod..cold and rough 90% of the year. I used to sit in a little cove on a throne of rocks covered in this type of seaweed, neck deep in the water and pretend to be queen of the seas, with no tail.