Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Wuz Robbed

I Am Really Bummed Out.

You know how I was saying I couldn't find my camera?

Well, I figured out why yesterday afternoon.

My car was broken into, right in our driveway, and all the small electronic things were taken.

My camera, my iPod, FM transmitter and the new GPS I gave my husband for Christmas are all gone. And who knows what else that I haven't missed yet.

Luckily my purse and new phone were inside the house for once.

I rarely lock my car, and have been in the habit of leaving keys and purse in it for years and years now. We live on a very rarely traveled by car or by foot, dead-end street. So it is probably one of the neighbors or their kids or their friends. I'm suspecting teenagers, by the things that were taken. Which my teenager informs me is ageist. (I suppose so).

This is the first time that I've ever been robbed in my life and I am finding that I feel very very strange and off-balance. A whole bunch of feelings are swirling around.
mad at myself,
feel stupid for being so trusting and lazy for not bringing my stuff in and locking up.
And really really sad because I don't have my favorite thing that I own, my camera.

On Saturday my husband found our neighbor's car registration at the top of our driveway, and heard that his car had been rifled through also.

Now I have to call the police and sheepishly file a report. Yes, they were in my unlocked car. No I didn't notice right away. And I suppose I'll call my insurance and see what our deductible is, I bet it is right around what everything is worth.


Sheila said...

Crap! That sucks. Our local law enforcement is on a campaign to educate car owners what attracts thieves in these economic times. Sorry it happened to you.

Lunaea said...

I was just waiting at Redwood Pizza and looking through the police report in the SLV paper, and saw there were a bunch of robberies from unlocked cars! One of which must have been you! I don't usually lock mine in the drive either, even though I've had my car robbed more than once, but I'm starting to lock it now, since it looks like it's not a few isolated incidents, but something ongoing.

Patty Ashworth said...

It happened in our neighbor hood years ago. Always lock your car and NEVER leave the garage door opener in a car. If they get that, they can get in the house anytime! You can change the code on the opener if it dissappears.

Walker Lady said...

I hate how being robbed makes you feel so violated! hugs hugs hugs

Laume said...

I hope you didn't lose a bunch of photos as well! I just finished catching up on cleaning off/uploading/burning CD's off my SD cards and found I'd damaged (yes, me, I tried to fit them when I knew it was too tight and bent them) THREE. I have no idea what photos I've lost. Two 1GB and a 512MB, so potentially a lot of photos. And yet nothing obvious or important comes to mind. If I ever figure out what I've lost, I'm gonna have a serious pout.

Jaye said...

Lots of hugs coming your way. This is so hard! I am glad you got a new camera already, though I know it would have been better not to have had to buy one.