Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Postcards for Earth Day

Hey Happy Earth Day!

I just made three postcards for the Green Postcard Challenge.

Go check out what everyone else made, there are some really cool recycled materials being used.

Mine are pretty conventional and are made with:

fabric scraps that most normal people throw away

rescued/recycled upholstery fabric

painted batting leftovers

a green ribbon from an Amazon.com gift

a mesh plastic bag that used to have limes (it melted on the postcard above, you can see the remnants as a very cool grid-ish pattern on the left side)

all on fusible batting scraps.

1 comment:

Laume said...

These are cool. I'd love to try my hand at a few of these - presuming I get my arty butt in gear. I love "found art" - not sure if that's what folks call it, what I mean is using scraps, junk, found things. I walked into an art gallery on Place de Vosge (sorry, everything is going to remind me of Paris for awhile, please bear with me) because I particularly liked what I saw inside. Imagine how excited I was when I realized that the large abstract pieces were made with layers of paint and finishes with "found art" layered inbetween. I couldn't take any photos of someone elses art of course, but it was neat to see it out there in the world. Of course, remember I live in a pretty artless community, so maybe it's not so rare elsewhere.