Friday, April 18, 2008

First Try Needle Felting

I've had the supplies for doing needle felting for a while now. The other day I wanted to do something, but I didn't want to sew or do any of my usual things. The kit with all the pretty colors of wool rolled up called my name.
The white wool was the base, and in the kit they provide a nice thick block of foam. No kidding those needles are sharp.
Layering the fibers and then punching the needle in and out take a while. I was surprised at how long it took to really cover this small area. Now I see why people are buying those embellisher machines.
Every now and then you have to lift the piece up off of the foam, other wise it will get stuck on. This is a shot of the reverse so you can see the fibers sticking up.
Here is where I ended up. It hasn't been washed or anything, so I'm not sure if it will all fall apart. Stay tuned for a report on that! And if you're thinking "what's it for?", heckifIknow!


Deirdre said...

Why do you need to wash it - LOL only kidding. Can you wash it on the sushi mats to compact it?

You might also ask Timi, she might have a suggestion.
;-D eirdre

Quilt Pixie said...

After only a small piece of hand needle felting I appreciated the handles you can get to hold several needles at the same time -- its still hand work, but does go much faster without being tied to the electrical grid :-)

Foam is an interesting idea to use for the back. When I do mine I use a small hard pillow covered in an oilcloth. the pillow is firmly stuffed with sawdust. Haven't had any problems with the back wanting to "stick"....

I look forward to seeing more of your experiments :-)

Cherie said...

Oh, pretty. Wish one could do needle felting with non-woolie bits. It looks like a fun diversion. And hey, how bad can it be if you get to spend more time fondling fiber?