Saturday, April 19, 2008

Colored Pencil Experiment

Colored pencil shading experiment, Before. Trying to add volume definition to the abstract shapes is the goal here. According to Gabrielle Swain's DVD on this subject the colored pencil is pretty stable unless it is a piece that is going to washed.
During. Only a little purple and pink has been added here. Very hard to see any change as the colors are just too close to the existing fabric color.
And After. Can you see the difference now? Used some spring green and that definitely "popped" the shape a bit more.

Don't expect much more out of me however. Having a horrible cold for a couple of days is not helping my productivity at all. I'm surprised my nose is still attached from all the sneezing. At first I figured it was seasonal allergies since everything is a'blooming around here. sniffle sniffle. koff koff.

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