Monday, April 21, 2008

Bagging It

I finally got around to making up some bags out of the freebie upholstery fabric I scored a while ago. Didn't use a pattern or measure, just started sewing them together. This fabric is very heavyweight and the edges are pretty well finished which makes it easy to put together a sturdy bag quickly. Here's how they look, first up the polka dot variety.
Still Life with Dog, I made short handles that go over from one side to the other and placed them far apart so that the groceries can be shoved in easily.
Still Life with Dog, Reversed. Zelda isn't too excited about my totebag making activities. As long as I don't take too many flash pictures she tolerates most of the modeling demands I make of her. This fabric is fun to work with as it is completely reversible.
But then there is of course another consumer of new bag goodness around here. Spike is the right size so he gets to fully immerse himself in that new bag smell. He actually purrs and is quite happy when we do this to him, so no charges of pet abuse please.
And here is another bag, this time outside sunning itself on the chaise lounge in the sun. It is gigantic and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to heft it if it is filled with groceries. Unless they are the fluffy light-weight varieties like marshmallows or kleenex or cool whip. C'mon do you really think I buy cool whip? Bleah! Marshmallows are only bought when we go camping. Otherwise it is hard to get me away from the microwave where I am experimenting with how many seconds is best to melt them (have you ever done this, they look like they're alive in there!).
This is the reverse shot of the same bag, showing the tuck that I finagled into the bottom. I also made sure to sew the bottom seam twice for added strength, and used a pretty large seam allowance.


Jaye said...

Making bags! Hooray. Once you sart, you won't be able to stop. I think I have made 4 so far and am well into my 5th. I am using the Eco Market Tote pattern.

Laume said...

I've been wanting to make some bags with excess "ugly" fabric for months now. I can't believe I'm feeling intimidated by a simple BAG pattern. Or rather, lack thereof. I can't decide what kind/size/pattern. Of course this is all just rationalization - but eventually I really do want to make some bags. I really liked the wheeled bags they sold everywhere and which I saw a lot of folks using to tote things in Paris. If you don't use/own a car, you gotta have SOME wheels! Hmmm, wish I'd thought to take some photos of some of them. They ranged from the boring to the retro cute with big flowers on the latches.