Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skin I'm In

Self Portrait Challenge this month is about showing it all.
And here I am:
Loving the skin I'm in.
Brave enough to bare a shoulder in the bright sunshine. Yet, not quite brave enough to show it to you in color.
Clear as day, I see the age spots, moles, uneven texture, splotchiness and beginnings of wrinkles.
But still I love it anyways, this body.
You see, that is my strong shoulder there. You can't tell what I've carried by looking at it. How much weight it has hefted. What burdens it has assumed with grace.
And that is also my strong neck just above it. Still supple after all the hard driving, work and stress. Yes, a little creaky when first circled in the morning, but my head is still attached, right?!

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