Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two Projects, one done, one begun

Here are two upholstery fabrics, recently purchased, with which I am planning on constructing a spring bag for myself. I was shopping for a spring/summer purse and was very disappointed in what was out there, bleah and double yuck.
So off to the home dec section of the local fabric store, where I found these two lovelies on the flat fold table, $7.99 a yard. The brown one (those dots are a vivid lime green which doesn't show in the pic), will go on the outside and strap/handles(I figure it will show the dirt less!). The stripe will be trim and lining and pocketsessss.
Now to find the perfect bag pattern...Off to the library I go!

I also had to buy some new matches, and couldn't find the small boxes, so got the giant BBQ size. I couldn't stand looking at the box in my workspace so I covered it up.

The polka dot paper was from the lining of a card from Jaye, and the ends are sporting fabrics from Mr. B's. Gotta love that glue stick. Also use yellow highlighter to go over all the edges. Now it looks like it belongs to me.

The words say, "Light It Up!" and "Flame On!". I use an incense and devotional candle on a small altar in my workspace to help keep me on track. The scent and the flame assist the transition to the space I need to be in to create.


fabric store said...

Great fabric and a great deal. Both fabrics you purchased are still current so if you need more they are out there. Keep up the sewing!

Jaye said...

WOW! How great that you used that paper inside the envelope I sent you. Try out Denyse Schmidt's book that I reviewed at