Monday, April 23, 2007


For Self Portrait Challenge, here is a new body part I recently discovered, the eye-thumb. I tried taking some just eye photos, but oh, gross. I forgot to wash my face first, so there were, let's just say....traces of sleep. Also gigantic under eye bruise looking circles and bloodshot eyes to boot. Guess I ought to try sleeping a little more, huh?!

And two pictures of the top of my head. Hard to take this photo well! I think I need longer arms. At least it shows that my recent dye job looks pretty even from this angle. And that my hair is shiny (yay for Pantene performing as advertised).

As you can see, the amazing climbing roses are starting to bloom again. Every year towards the end of summer my husband gets disgusted/annoyed with them and hacks them practically down to the ground (I'm not exaggerating). Usually he picks a day when I'm out of the house! They are planted a story down, in my vegie/herb garden, right in front of the deck. I planted them there so they'd grow up and I could train them on the deck fencing. Hmmm, well, they are a little more vigorous than that. They grow up the deck fence, across the outdoor table umbrella and up unto the roof of the house. A bit much, definitely.

So anyways, they spring back, undaunted year after year. Someday I predict he'll dig them out just as I've suggested and plant them under a redwood tree so they can climb up and look gloriously Sleeping Beauty-ish. 'Til then they grow and grow, up and out reaching towards the sunlight and delighting me with their color, form and scent.


Dara said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I had another Old Age/Sickness/Death post for today but am posting a reality instead of a concept, just found our a friend (A) has a brain tumor and (B) needs surgery tomorrow. PS - when are you coming to Sedona?

kristen said...

i liked this! nicely done.

i just put henna in my hair. maybe i should check the top of my hair in that same way :)