Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Create A Connection

Here are my answers for this week's Getting to Know You on Create A Connection:

1. If you could have any magical power for only one hour, what would it be and why?
I'd definitely choose Healing. So I could take away my own pain and disability, and then do the same for everyone else I could reach in one hour.

2. You've won a pair of round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world. Where would you go, with whom, and why?
I'd go with my dear husband to New Zealand. Just because we're LOTR freaks and are lusting after the landscape/location tours you can go on.

3. You are stranded in a library or bookstore for 24 hours. In what section do you spend the most time? Why?
If I was in a library, First of all, I would be in a really really big one (Like the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley), not my teeny though nice local one! I would spend the most time in the rare books section. Just because I love looking at old stuff, and they always limit how much and what you can look at.
If I was stranded in a bookstore, I'd probably hang out in the magazine section. Think of how many pricey magazines you could look/read through in 24 hours!

4. If you were to be on a reality TV show, which one would it be? Why would you be a good fit for that particular show?
First of all, I truly loathe all reality TV shows. They are all too mean-spirited for my tastes.

But probably I'd choose Dancing With the Stars, the judges aren't so terribly awful. Hey, free dance lessons. Fun, spangly costumes. Dancing with a star...Oh, I guess I wouldn't really fit in on that one, since I am neither a professional dancer nor a star. Oh well.

How about Biggest Loser? I certainly have enough poundage hanging around to get rid of. I'm sure I would lose some weight, maybe learn something about nutrition or exercise. And of course I would oblige with lots of drama and crying, I'm really good at that.

5. What did you most recently dream or daydream about?
I most recently dreamed about flying over the ocean to Hawaii. I wasn't in a plane, I was just flying, without any tiring arm flapping, just zooming along, effortlessly as Superman.

I did have fun answering, go see Tammy's here: at Mimmsical Creations


Tammy said...

What fun to read your answers!! :)

I didn't know about those tours in NZ ... looks like SO much fun!

I am a sucker for Dancing with the Stars... it was my own answer as well! Neither a star or a pro, but I do think they should put a "commoner" in there too! :)

Tammy said...

Healing power was a great one! Can you flap your arms to CA during that hour? You can heal a two for one wish :)