Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poetry Thursday - Moon Moon

For Poetry Thursday this week I'm actually following the prompt and writing a poem inspired by a photo. This was taken on March 1st at 6pm (before daylight savings!) from the parking lot of the now-defunct Mexican restaurant in Boulder Creek. (waaahh!). I was struck by how bright the moon was, and how close it seemed for this time of year, and I loved how it was framed by the tree outlines. I steadied my camera on the top of my car to get a clearer shot. Clickable for a larger view

Moon, Moon
by Julie Zaccone Stiller

Moon, Moon
She rises over all
Giving Her light freely
She shines
Asking for nothing

Moon, Moon
to my sight
Held in the branches
Not able to touch Her

Moon, Moon
in night vision
She holds our mystery
in the soul
Of our world's myths


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, this was lovely! I love any poem about the moon and the picture was just perfect!

Jaye said...

I am glad you are doing something creative and look forward to what will burst out of you after you get your studio back!

Catherine said...

There's something about the moon, isn't there?Difficult to write about without descending into cliche, but I think you have succeeded. I love your photo.

Laume said...

"Deep in the soul of our world's myths" - that was the best!

Jaye said...

Prarie Home Companion is having a poetry contest. You MUST enter. Go to and scroll down to the Spring lyric Contest. There is a submit your poem button. Your poem is fantastic, so I will do it, if you won't!!!!