Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Digital Doodling - Self Portrait Challenge

For the second week of the digitally enhance your self portrait challenge, here is some fun with the face transformer.

Aren't these weird?
First up, Julie Manga. This is entirely too scary. The eyes, of course are huge, after all it is Manga! But what is up with the brown spot on the end of my nose? And the totally freaky grimace? THe eyebrows crack me up, that is what mine would look like if I let a 3 year old do them with my Joan Crawford eyebrow pencil.

Then Julie Baby. Don't I look like someone you'd run away from at the PTA meeting? No, I don't want to make any *(#(!$ homemade popcorn balls for the class party.

Julie Mucha, I think I look kinda like Kate Winslet in this one, if she wore glasses of course. I really like how my eyes look in this one. I suppose because they are a different color! The strange color/pattern on the forehead kinda ruins this one for me. Also it makes me look like I have braces again, aieeeee**runs screaming from room***

and Finally Julie Modigliani
which is my favorite. Mostly because my face is skinnier looking and the eyes aren't so freaking weird like on all the other ones. ALso I like how the background is morphed.


Karoda said...

What program did you use to do these? They are just too weird!

Deirdre said...

wow - weird indeed and you are a very brave soul to post them! LOL

kristen said...

these are totally fun! i think i'll give it a go. the modigliani is my favorite as well. there's a song by Book of Love called Madigliani's eyes. when i saw them at the filmore, they had modigliani-esque paintings of each of them around backstage as their backdrop.