Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Perturbed, yet another Self Portrait

Ditigal shenanigans this month is the theme for Self Portrait Challenge.

After running my photo through the "Hockney-izer", a Flickr tool, I'm pretty pleased with the effect. It reminds me of those freaky HP printer commercials with all the photos of people zooming in and out of reality. I look a little worried about it don't I? So I call this one "Perturbed".

And yes the orientation is correct, I was lying on the luxurious new carpeting we have in our room now! Woohoo can you say love that new carpet smell. I think it may be better than epoxy glue.


Tammy said...

Most of us used this. LOL Only you got new carpet...cool!

Laume said...

I like all the colors you picked out - very earthy. I really like the green carpeting in the one room in the bottom photo too. You'll have to take some more photos after you get the rooms furnished and decorated - it will look different again.