Saturday, March 31, 2007

Freaky Fish

A longish while ago, friend Becky found what she called the strangest fabric ever at Walmart (I think I have that right), so she cut some up and sent it out to several quilty friends to see what we would do with it. Some made quilts, or purses. I made nothing, until now!

I felt I needed protection when approaching this freaky fish fabric. So I unrolled a brand new copper scrubber and slipped on my hand.

Arranged some of the likely fabrics together.

Sewed the four inch squares together with the other challenge fabric Becky sent. All into a nice little background for the fish critters.

Added one fishy at the bottom, but he looked lonely (and hungry). Added number two fish, but then they looked like they were planning and plotting something. Adding number three, who looks like he is leaving to go find someone or something to eat seemed right to me.

After quilting was added and some outlining stitching too, it started to look a little more together. But those fish are still too free, they worried me!

Now it was time to contain those critters with the coppery mesh. I bravely cut it up and stretched and pulled and distorted it, while smelling that coppery (reminds me of blood!) scent. My machine went right over it like a champ and the fish are now trapped. Here are a couple of details and the closeup view too. Some with flash and some without. The title is "Ancestor Fish?", it is about 20 x 20".


PaMdora said...

whow, looks like fun! There was a great show about deep sea freaky fish things on Nova last night, but only caught half of it.

JulieZS said...

I saw that, wasn't it fun? Those cuttlefish were beautiful, and so very weird. This fish fabric is so strange because of the human eyes and mouth, which is why it got the Ancestors? title...

Ysabeau said...

Amazing that you got that fabric to work, I think the copper mesh "makes" it! Those are just about the strangest fishies I've ever seen.