Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Empty Bookcase

DebR wanted to know what our bookcases look like. Hers are very organized, as well as quite full. So I took a picture of one of ours to show.

Isn't this a completely pitiful picture? Our bookcases are still very empty as we are rearranging furniture on a continual basis. Seems kinda silly to fill up the bookcases until they are in the spots they are going to remain.
We used to have completely filled bookcases in every room except the bathrooms. The house feels very empty without the books. It really does. I miss them. I guess they do take up a lot of space in my mind.
What will be a lot of fun is rearranging the books and how we store them, instead of being kinda higgedly piggedly randomized.
By the way the books on the shelf are Bulfinch's Mythology, Dead Eye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut, The Hobbit 50th anniversary edition, and a series of kid books called Deltora. These have shown up in random boxes that we've unpacked so far. Books ended up everywhere...


Jaye said...

Are these new bookcases?

Deb R said...

That photo is funny, Julie!! It sure won't look that way for long, will it! :-)