Friday, October 20, 2006

Walking up and down my street

I've been parking a ways up the street so that the contractor's and their giant trucks can use the driveway. Of course it is the steepest part of the road, makes for good exercise, and Zelda the wonderdog likes the extra walks. Of course I had to take my camera along since it sees so differently than I do!

A nice view. BUT See that red? It's poison oak! Aieeee!

The red berries of autumn, don't they look yummy? Not sure if they are edible. Wonder if they would dye something red??

What's this? The new kitty, Spike is following us up the road, meowing rather pitifully. He doesn't know any better.I scooped him up and loaded him in the car to drive back to the house. He wasn't happy about that at all!

Zelda sniffing her way down the road.

Not scared of my own shadow! Nope not me! doesn't this shape look like one of those clay Chinese warrior statues?

Early fruits of fall. Don't eat them even though they look like pears.

First view of the new roof as you come down the road. Framed by the dark shade of the redwoods that surround the road that I'm standing on.

Here's how it is looking from the driveway. Wow, a high peak!

Zelda in the construction zone. No she isn't helping with the digging of the the new patio site. Lazy dog!
She is also "helping" the workers as they move all the materials around. Helping meaning tripping or bumping into them. Helpful isn't a well-defined word for a labrador I guess! Luckily they all love her and great her every morning.


cara winsor hehir said...

hey julie,
like zelda, i'm a clumsy labradorian too!
what do you think of that!!

:-D eirdre said...

Humm - the house is looking great! Good luck with the packing - remember to MARK THE BOXES - much easier to find stuff in a hurry! You know Needles, Thread, pins!

That fall fruit looks more sexual than... well nevermind

Jaye said...

WOW! Look at those cool extra rooms. I can't believe how different it will look. Where did you put all the stuff?

kristen said...

the pictures are great fun -- but, am i the only one that didn't see pears but rather some anatomy in that fruits of autumn picture?