Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rusted Hollyhocks, drat!

I spoke too soon, the hollyhocks have rust now. But, hey, it is the end of October and new plants have sprouted and are blooming. "Always look on the bright side of life!" Tuneful whistling..

Here is a white and frilly one. Not bug eaten, but affected with rust a bit.

And another thing in the same sunny corner of the garden is borage. The happy plant! With yummy blossoms.

Lastly, my new favorite picture of Zelda the wonder dog. This is our ugly front door screen, which I have been scheming to replace for years. It has been repaired many times. Son Z crashed out of the house one morning kicking the bottom corner out.
Then Spike the teenaged cat (no longer kitten) started going in and out. So it got a little bent out of shape.
Then Zelda ran through it when she was dashing for some deer on the lawn chasing action. But she can't come back in that way, although she tries, and gets stuck which is rather hilarious.

Think I oughta get a new screen door now??

1 comment:

cara winsor hehir said...

things still blooming there, hey...
wow, all i've got is a garden full of brown decayed mush...
so i've been hearing about a forest fire burning east of los angelas, is this near or affecting you?