Friday, October 13, 2006

Poetry Thursday on Friday

Picture of newspaper bales to be recycled from Murfy Recycling in Australia. Isn't this a beautiful picture? I went looking for something to illustrate this post, but this one stopped me in my tracks. I love the colors, but the lines, horizontal across the bale and the ceiling too are really striking. This reminds me of just how much we recycle now. Our recycling bin is twice the size of our garbage bin. The recycling bin is always, every week without fail overflowing. Usually the garbage is maybe 2/3 full. We are really into this recycling this now. It has become a habit, not a problem anymore to do it.

Yes, I'm a day late, but anyways. For Poetry Thursday, here is a poem inspired by the headlines in the newspaper I read today, the San Jose Mercury News of Friday, 10/13/06.

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

by Julie Zaccone Stiller

Shock, Sadness, Despair

Emotion packs the headlines

Warning, Pervade, Balk

Action words carry the mood

Mystery, Crash, Waste

Solid yet slippery concepts confuse

Political, Bigger, New

Describing our world in easy terms

Murder, Arson, Poisoning

Destroying life and property

New, Testing, Matters

Questioning what comes next and why

All in one page

worries of the society

on center stage

keeping us entertained

as we obsess

who can we trust with our future?

1 comment:

cara winsor hehir said...

heavy. dark.
have you thought of writting an antithesis to accompany it?
the paper bale shot is great, does it make you feel quiltish???