Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A buncha stuff!

I just finished up a quilt, but it is for a challenge, and I can't show it quite yet, I think. I'll check and let you know.

Dead flowers are pretty too! Oh yes they are! Finally found some marigolds which are blooming away, gotta keep them pinched back, I sprinkle the deadheads around in my pots for extra color. This is a columbine plant in this pot by the way, done flowering for the season of course.

A rather hefty Garlic braid, part of our last basket of the year from Camp Joy. Good thing we love our garlic around here! I'm going to miss all that fabulous, fresh, organic produce every week. Especially the tomatoes and the grapes.

Peak of the roof is on now. Starting to look like a house again! My studio is almost emptied out into the storage unit we rented. I feel really silly carrying my boxes of fabric out to the car, driving 12 miles, transferring the boxes into the storage unit, and driving back. And then I'll have to do it in reverse. Whine, whinge! At least I HAVE fabric to drive around in this silly fashion, oh and a car, and gas money.

Are you voting? Are you registered? If not, why not?!

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cara winsor hehir said...

are elections coming up again in the states. old man bush is done for this time anyways, isn't he? good luck, i feel your pain, steven harper iidolizes george. so scary.