Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - Imperfection of Me

For the Self Portrait Challenge this week.

Imperfect me, imperfect rose. Still beauty-full though! Celebrating imperfection. That is what makes me (and you too by the way!) *interesting*. And I mean interesting in a GOOD way.
What is imperfect about this part of me? The bad skin, even on my hands these days. Every little cat scratch or bug bite turns into a big deal.
What is imperfect about this rose? Well it is not supposed to be a triple, only a single, variety is Mt. Hood by the way.

I still love my hands, and my roses, imperfections and all. Obsessing about what isn't perfect is perhaps for the young, I know I vaguely remember doing it a whole lot, way back when. Maybe now I've realized that life is too damn short to spend worrying about every little thing. Work with what you've got, move on, enjoy your life, now!


Theresa said...

I LOVE that rose! Being different is good!

Deb R said...

The rose is lovely and so are you.

I love the pet pics above too. So cute!

Bedazzzled1 said...

How fascinating that the rose turned into a triple rose. You have a wonderful attitude about yourself. I am impressed.