Friday, September 15, 2006

Working, I'm Working

Sorry I've bee MIA! There are soooo many things going on around here. Construction on our remodel has begun, what a mess and a lot of work, even though I'm not doing the constructing. We got to empty out the majority of the garage to start with.

But I'm working, look! This is for a California Landscape show that I'll be in, with California Fiber Artists at one of our member's art B&B, the Greenvile Arms in New York. Not quite ready to quilt it, some decisions to be made on how to proceed.

This past weekend I took a class in Mayan Abdominal Massage in Santa Cruz. What a brain opener it was! I can't believe how much I didn't know about my own body and how it works. Now with all this knowledge, I think I can take better care of myself. I encourage anyone reading this to look into, buy the book, or take the class, learn about your innards people! Especially if you have any reproductive system problems, male or female.

Gotta go, the contractors are pulling up!

1 comment:

Karoda said...

i've never heard of the massage technique but it seems interesting...lord knows i have organs that have dropped!