Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Self Portrait Challenge for the month is to show yourself with those who are meaningful in your life. So here I am with my two beautiful boys and Lady Liberty. I suppose eventually they will both be that much taller than me. So far, just #1 son is, by two inches! And the way he's been eating lately, #2 son is catching up quickly. I love to see how they grow.
(Please note that this picture is taken from below us, so that LL can fit in the pic, I'll admit that I have a double chin, but I'm not quite up to a triple chin, yet!)


Sacred Suzie said...

Cute picture! Families are so important and I think it's great you travel together.

:-D eirdre said...

It seems like you had perfect weather for your trip to LL. Who took the photo?