Friday, September 15, 2006

A Construction Picture!

A Construction Picture! Showing the broken PGE meter (oops) and two contractor ladders. Aren't they a nice color combo? This could be a good start to an abstract quilt....hmmmm.
We've got the roof off the garage so far, and some of the walls. Next up, stabilizing the walls to make them "shear walls" (earthquake proofing supposedly!), an inspection, then the floor joists go on.
The second story over the garage and connecting to the existing second story is going to be great. We'll have a new family room, two bedrooms instead of one for the boys, their existing bathroom and a new master bedroom/bath for us. We'll see how long it takes, we're supposed to be done by end of the year. But in the meantime, we have emptied the entire garage out onto the lawn, throwing away about half the contents of our stuff. I filled up our recycling bin with my college notebooks. Why in the world was I keeping those? And today we'll try to find someplace to take all the textbooks...

The part I'm dreading is packing up all the closets in the house, and my sewing room. Ack!!

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:-D eirdre said...

WHOO HOO! WAY TO GO - Please take lots of photos! Seems like you had a wonderful productive weekend!