Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Day

Thanks for the heads up Deb, I didn't know that today is BlogDay!

I'm supposed to tell you of new 5 Blogs that I'm reading (and tell those blog owners that I'm mentioning them).

1) Thelma Smith A fiber artist and independent curator of fiber shows (Like the recent: Changing the World One Thread at a Time.). She write about her art, art of people that she knows, and the experience of curating shows. Plus she is a totally unique and genuine person who knows what she knows and says what she says.

2) Living in Season - I know I've mentioned her before, but it definitely bears repeating. Waverly Fitzgerald, the force behind School of the Seasons is blogging day by day the flower that is represented in several different ancient or "old" calendars. She comes up with the best botanical illustrations (which I love to do, have taken class on how to) and the best resources about each one. Very interesting every day!

3) Girl Blog from Iraq - Bagdahd Burning - Interesting reading about Iraq from the inside perspective.

4) Furious Spinner - Writer Kim Antieau, I found her through my friend Joanna Powell Colbert. She has an amazing way with words, and has some great collected essays on her site. Plus her new book that is coming soon sounds really cool, it is called: "Church of the Old Mermaids"!

5) Gombe Chimpanzee Blog - The Jane Goodall Institute shows what they do everyday. It utilizes Google Earth. Also Jane Goodall and her organization Roots and Shoots is planning for Peace Day 9/30/06 with instructions on how to make Peace Dove Puppets.


Karoda said...

I'm too tired at the moment to recognize blogday...but I'll try to remember this for an upcoming post.

Debra said...

Hey, thanks for the blogs!!

One good turn deserves another. Think I'll write about Goodall's blog/peace day/ and making the peace dove for Blogher. And make sure to give ya a hat-tip!!