Thursday, September 28, 2006

Giving Thanks

Altar making is one of my favorite spiritual pursuits, so I wanted to share this with you.
This is one that I made for the recent holiday of Mabon, or fall equinox.
The flowers are from my garden, the produce is from the farm we get our weekly basket. Giving thanks for the bounty of the harvest, what you've grown all summer and are taking in to the darker time of the year to sustain you, til the light returns once more.

And for Poetry Thursday, I'm sharing a favorite poem that suits this season, from the fabulous and treasured (by me!), poetry and prose collection "Sisters of the Earth".

Meadow Turf
by Janet Lewis

Goldenrod, strawberry leaf, small
bristling aster, all,
Loosestrife, knife-bladed grasses,
lacing their roots, lacing
The life of the meadow into a deep embrace
Far underground, and all their shoots,
wet at the base
With shining dew, dry-crested with sun,
Springing out of a mould years old;
Leaves, living and dead, whose stealing
Odors on the cold bright air shed healing---
Oh, heart, here is your healing, here among
The fragrant living and dead.

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Karoda said...

There is a field of wild flowers yards from the studio i'm in...before entering and when i leave i stand and stare and meditate on it...yesterday there was a yound doe in the midst. this poem is a nice companion to how i felt yesterday.