Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday November

For Self Portrait Tuesday, here are some pictures that illustrate the persona I inhabit most of the time these days.
These are pictures of me as mother, specifically from the view of my children who took these pictures of me at a Mother's Day plant sale at Camp Joy in the spring of last year. Usually I am taking pictures of them doing stuff that they enjoy doing, here the tables are turned, and it is fun to see through their eyes, mom doing "her thing."

There is mom, obsessed with getting the right peppers and tomatoes for our vegetable garden. She gets so excited about all these little green growing things. I get more excited about eating the cherry tomatoes and avoiding the spicy peppers.

And here is mom, looking off into the distance, spacing out as usual. She's always pointing out something I should look at. Usually I'm glad that I do look when she tells me to, but sometimes it is something only she seems to understand.

And here is mom from my point of view, she is so big and tall, but not as big and tall as this redwood tree. She keeps telling me that one day I'll be taller than her, and I'm starting to believe her.

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