Thursday, November 03, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday November

This month for Self Portrait Tuesday our challenge is "exploration of identity".
Here is a look at Me as a "shady character". The opposite of my real personality and conception of myself. I don't know if I could ever really BE a shady character, someone lurking around dark, gritty city streets up to no good, being on the lookout for the law and my enemies. Naw, I'd rather watch that on a movie. And I'm wearing a bright shirt, so I didn't even really go completely shady. Let's call it suburban rural shady shall we?

Me as President George W. Bush. As part of my spiritual practice I have been trying SO HARD to have some compassion for this man instead of just blindly despising him. I thought by wearing his face I might gain some insight into what it must be like to BE him. I do a bit now, it would be hard to have those deepset beady eyes, and to have to smile all the time with the whole world analyzing your every word, gesture and mannerism. No wonder he doesn't look or sound like a genuine real person anymore. I do believe he's become a charicature of himself. That is something I can have some true compassion for.

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