Friday, November 11, 2005

Mythical Metamorphosis Deck

Recently received another fabulous deck from the Traveler's Hart deck group. This year for the Halloween/Samhain season, the theme was "Mythical Metamorphosis"(try saying that three times fast!). There are many themes that run through the deck at first glance, butterfly, trees (you can see those on DebR's blog), masks, monsters real and imagined. Here are three of the cards, plus mine for you to check out.

The first two are Julie Shappell-Wygant's "Mischief Making "on the left and Alexia's "Homesick for homeland, Daedalus hated Crete" on the right. The two of these share a texture and use of a circular face image that I find very appealing.

Karen Winters "Shamanic Flight" and my "A Breath of Eternity, (Un Soffio Di Eternita')" both illustrate the indigenous culture's medicine of healing transformation.

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Junott said...

These are beautiful....!!