Friday, November 18, 2005

Hot November Days

Well, it has been hot lately, especially for mid November, here is a picture of my thermometer at noon today. Yes, that is correct 85F or 30C.
In mid November.
I'm wearing shorts and sandals again!

That PBS special on Global Warming DH and I watched last night doesn't seem so distant in the future now.

I made the beginnings of a garden meditation spot this week. Didn't have a plan, just went to the garden store and picked what looked the best to me. The plan is to have the moss and thyme fill in around the stepping stones. Hopefully the deer will leave this one alone. And the 95 pound Zelda the wonder Dog too, she was really interested, but stayed far.

Here is a shot of my salvia. It always blooms at the end of October, and then stays beautiful until the first killing frost. Which came quite early last year, not this year....

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Deb R said...

Damn! It was 20 degrees here this morning! And only maybe 35 or 40 by noon. Sigh.

Your garden spot is already looking nice. It'll look lovely when you get it all filled in.