Friday, November 18, 2005

Mystery Weekend Top Done

This is what I've been working on past week or so. It is a top from the Quiltaholics Weekend Whatever Mystery. Fun stuff. Took me way more than a weekend though. I think you are supposed to cut everything out before the weekend of sewing begins. The quilt designer, DebLynnK posts the instructions in stages, so it is a mystery up til the end of the weekend.
I did this one very scrappy! Started out with my one of my scrap boxes, as well as the scraps on my worktable. That got me pretty far. Then I started in on my star fabric box, and just cut one of each fabric in there, so it turns out pretty scrappy with a heavy emphasis on stars.
I didn't have enough of one fabric for the background, so I did have to go get that at the store. Otherwise this is all stash. The green/blue sashing is one of my hand dyes. The outer border is the Hoffman Challenge fabric from last time around (which I didn't get around to making into a challenge quilt or whatever).
Who is this for? I dont' know! I just felt like making a traditional kinda easy directions quilt. Since this didn't have anything harder than flying geese in it, I was pretty much ok.
It is 67"x74".

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