Sunday, July 03, 2005

Red Sweaters

Have you knitters out there heard about the Red Sweater project? I head about it from Fiber Maggies Closet, an email newsletter from Joy Lily. It sounds like an interesting participatory public art project for those so inclined.
A teeny red sweater for each American troop killed in the Iraq war. All to be suspended from a tree in San Francisco. To encourage people to think about the consequences of war. And there is a good explanation of why no sweaters for the Iraqis who have died. She also references a Knit Socks for Troops that went on during the Vietnam war, as well as during the two world wars, didn't know about that, interesting.
Might be time to finally learn how to knit, so I can send one in.

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Dara said...

Thanks Julie - I'm going to make one. I'm teaching a friend to knit on Friday, maybe she will, too!