Friday, July 08, 2005

Ahem, Self Portrait

This is a perfectly awful"self portrait" called Dyeing Day. Note, I wasn't going for picture perfect accuracy.
But, here is a free hint, when doing a self portrait, don't use a magnifying mirror that tilts. No one, not even me has a nose that big!
I did get the glasses right though. And I'll leave you to guess whether my eyebrows are green or not (haha!).
I did get the hair shape right at least, I always put my hair up in a tight bun to keep it out of the dyes and my eyes and my mouth.
I do love making faces with fabrics in weird colors.
Well, I'll keep working on a better one I think.
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Deb R said...

LOVE the green eyebrows!! Hilarious!!

Gerrie said...

Oh! DebR said what I was going to say - lime green eyebrows!!

MsT said...

I love it! Mine's too serious - must do another.