Friday, July 08, 2005

10 of Cups In a Rush

Yikes, I forgot to make a quilt! Eeep! Had to send it out today, Friday the 8th. I began on the 6th and finished with 10 minutes to spare. Luckily I had the image in my head already, so I made a quick sketch, prepared a quilt back, batting, and got out the boxes of my hand-dyed fabrics.

10 of cups begins

In the middle of work, lots o'pins.

The roof of the house, quilted words are LOVE, JOY, Peace, Bliss, Family, with hearts on the chimney.

10 cups done! Just in time quilting. My speciality...Said in my my very best Wallace voice (From Wallace and Grommit who I see have a movie coming out in the fall, hooray!!!)

Oh, and For another version of a quilted 10 of cups you must go see DebR's, especially the back.Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

That turned out good, Julie! How big is it? And how did you do the cups? Are they photo-transfer? I couldn't tell for sure, even in the close-up.

Kate West said...

Very nice!! :-)