Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8

Live 8, the big concerts around the world that happened yesterday were not strictly fundraisers like Live Aid back in the 80's were.
As they say in their promo video "We don't want your money, we want your name."
They are attempting to get a whole lot of people to raise their voices together to make an impact on African Poverty at the G-8 summit meeting which happens on July 6th.
For more info and to add your name go here.
The jist of what they're asking for is 3 things,
1) Cancel 100% of the debt poor countries owe
2) Double the aid given by governments to the poor countries
3) Change trade laws to allow the poor countries a chance to make it in the world economy

Also, and in conjunction with Live 8, there is the ONE campaign which is American based.
If you go here, you can sign a letter to President Bush to "Ask for his support today at the upcoming G8 meeting for an unprecedented debt-aid-trade deal for the people in the poorest countries. Together as ONE, we can send President Bush to the G8 Summit carrying the compassion, justice and generosity of millions of Americans."

So take a second on this lovely Sunday to add your name to these lists, it is the least that we who are lucky enough to live in the countries who are able to make these decisions to help, can do.

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