Saturday, July 16, 2005

One Day Round Robin

Last Saturday, at the CQFA meeting, there were six of us who stayed to participate in the instant round robin.
We had each brought a block or "something" to start with, and we passed them around from person to person every 15 minutes or so with something new added. Here is how mine turned out, I started with the pinwheelish kinda thing in the center. I really like how it turned out, not sure if I'll add to it, or just finish it off as is.
Most of the other ones ended up weird shapes (mostly thanks to me, I was in a curvy mood). But since I didn't add to mine, it is a fairly regular shape.

This was a fun exercise and I highly recommend doing it with your group!!

1 comment:

maureen said...

What a really nice little wallhanging your one day round robin turned into! Colours are great and shape is interesting.