Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beach Sojourn

Some pictures from our camping trip to Manchester State Beach and Fort Bragg.

Here is how it looked out the windshield as we headed north on the Golden Gate Bridge, it was clear blue, no fog, hardly any traffic either, which was very nice.

Never let your kid get ahold of the camera before you wake up fully when camping...

Here is the fog at the beach, it was like this all day, was very dark, you can kinda see why I forgot to put sunscreen on. Oops.

And then there were the dunes we got to slog across to get to the beach from the camping area. I was struck by the beauty of this scene, and think it might inspire a landscape quilt.

This is under the cypress grove, isn't it mysterious looking, it was so quiet in there, no pounding surf noise. And the light was filtered in a very pleasant way. This would be good inspiration for a Ruth McDowell type of quilt wouldn't it? Too bad I don't do those. (grin).

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VZE said...

Yeah I love this website! What great fun going places and just being. Brava for you and your babes. Love Vincie